Our Journey

GODSLO30In 1993 what was once known as the disco “The World” was purchased and became the new home of Morning Star Tabernacle Church. The building was in much need of repair and renovation. Although a great deal of work and labor went into the building a series of unfortunate events forced the congregation to leave several times.

The first exodus took place in 1994 when due to construction being done behind the church a crack was formed from the roof of the building to the foundation. The repair work was long and time consuming and the faith of the congregation was soon put to the test.



img000010In 1998 the battle to safe the building was lost and the second exodus provedto be the must challenging and difficult one.

The build was condemned and had to be brought down. We soon realized that The Lord was ending one chapter and starting a new one. In 1998 we saw the end of Morning Star and the birth of East Side Tabernacle.

Once again the congregation found themselves having to move and hold services else where. We soon took on the name of the “Wondering Church”.




IMG_0473After meeting with pastor Cymbala the senior pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle and standing on the word of the lord given to the church that it would be a light house and spiritual hospital to the community pastor Abner Rosario along with his wife Catherine Rosario and the leadership of the church began to cry out to the Lord for direction and wisdom. The very thing that was meant to destroy the church was used by God to bring about His purpose and plan.

In 1999 out of the ashes of despair and destruction God brought about two great miracles the birth of East Side Tabernacle and the purchase of the air rights of the condemned building. Today where once stood a condemned building, a rubble of dirt lost hope and dreams stands a light house a spiritual hospital a reminder of God’s promise. The goal of East Side Tabernacle is to reach out to the community that is filled hurting people and bring them to the loving arms of Jesus Christ.