givenowGod set the ultimate example on how to give by the sacrificial giving of His very own Son (Eph. 5:2). Every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord, and so the resources He has blessed believers with ultimately belong to Him. Whether it is from our giftedness in finances, materials, service, and time – it is a believer’s responsibility to be good stewards and give back to the Lord what is His by giving to the church and others.

Giving Option

East Side Tabernacle is pleased to offer several convenient giving methods. Consider taking advantage of one of these easy giving options as you tithe and contribute to the ministry of East Side Tabernacle. Please note that all donations will be used where best needed to support and further God’s kingdom.

Sunday and Tuesday Services

This is our preferred option as we look forward to fellowshipping with you in person. For your convenience, tithe and offering envelopes are available for your donations. Simply put cash or checks (payable to East Side Tabernacle) in the offering envelope and place it in the offering basket during any of these services. You can also mail your donation to East Side Tabernacle, and we will apply your gift accordingly.

Online Giving

East Side Tabernacle is pleased to offer online giving for our members and visitors. While this can have advantages, we want each person who chooses this option to make sure they are giving in a spirit that is pleasing to the Lord. If you do give online, you may desire to place an empty offering envelope in the offering basket with your name and then simply write “Give online.” There is no need to write your giving amounts on this envelope if you give online.

Benefits of online giving:

• You can prioritize giving in your budget: The Bible indicates giving is to be a “first” and not a last or leftover matter in my life. Read Proverbs 3:9-10. It is easy to let our standards and intentions be compromised by the press of expenses and billing cycles. With online giving, your giving is done automatically.

• You can increase your faithfulness: Have you ever forgotten your gift, left it at home or pledged to double it in the future? Have you had times where you have fallen behind because of travel and other schedule interruptions? Online giving provides a way to strengthen your faithfulness.

• You can help your church: Through online giving, you expedite your gift, simplify our accounting, and strengthen our base of regular support.

• You can encourage faith and faithfulness in the lives of fellow believers: As you plan and prioritize your giving, you will lead the way for others to grow and mature in their spiritual stewardship. Being a forerunner in this new area of planned giving, you can provide personal testimony and example for others to follow.

Financial Accountability

East Side Tabernacle is firmly committed to good stewardship of funds entrusted to us.


If you have any questions concerning your donation, please call our church office during hours of operation at (212) 673-9815.